Monday, March 19, 2012

Candlelight Suppers...

If you've ever watched the old British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances on PBS, then you will know all about the primary character Hyacinth's candlelight suppers. Hyacinth is snobbishly particular and downright pushy.  Neighbors scatter when she walks down her street. The milkman tiptoes up to her front porch attempting to avoid her because she always tells him to make sure her milk comes from the nice clean cows she has noticed in a verdant pasture down the road. Her friend next door becomes a nervous wreck when she's invited for tea and Hyacinth uses her best irreplaceable china with a hand-painted periwinkle pattern.  The postman gets scolded by Hyacinth when he has no mail for her because she can't possibly understand why he has mail for her neighbor and not her because she is so much more important than her neighbor.

But when it comes to her infamous candlelight suppers, Hyacinth becomes totally annoying as she gets meticulously wrapped up in the preparation and arrangements.  The menu, the china, the silverware, the wine glasses, the tablecloths, the invitations, the center piece--everything has to be absolutely perfect.  But somehow things always begin to unravel and the evening inevitably turns into a complete humiliating disaster.

When I read the mealtime story of Jesus' BFF,  Mary and Martha of Bethany, it reminds me just a little bit of Hyacinth's candlelight suppers. Martha welcomed Jesus into her home and was looking forward to serving up an elaborate meal.  As she is busily setting things up and cooking for Jesus, things get out of hand and she is unable to manage the preparations all by herself. Meanwhile, her sister, Mary, is settled down at Jesus' feet, listening intently to his every word.  Martha finally gets fed up, bursts into the courtyard where Jesus and the others are sitting, interrupts Jesus and accuses him of not caring about her and tells him to make her sister get herself into the kitchen area immediately to help her.

Oops!  Awkward!  I'm sure it didn't take Martha long to realize she had just made a fool of herself.  But Jesus' response to Martha when she was at her wit's end was gentle and calming.  Make no mistake--Jesus is love and there is no way he could not truly appreciate all Martha's efforts and sincere desire to prepare what probably amounted to a feast in his honor.  And Mary no doubt normally would have assisted her.  But there was something Martha had missed.

It turns out, because Mary had been listening to Jesus, she had discerned that he, their best and most beloved friend, was soon to die a horrible, brutal death by crucifixion.  She had been deeply affected.  So Mary decided to remain by Jesus' side to be supportive and to comfort him during his visit.

It was a hard, embarrassing lesson for Martha to learn.  We all know how small we feel when we overact in a given situation and afterwards learn of details that put matters in a totally different light. In spite of her outburst, Jesus made it easy for Martha. After all, he knew what it was like to carry the weight of the world.  He didn't respond in kind to her snippy attitude  Instead, he lovingly encouraged Martha to become aware of what was really essential in life and helped her understand getting a little behind with dinner was not worth being all upset about.  That's reassuring news for all of us Martha types, not to mention all the Hyacinths out there!

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  1. Thanks for posting I love these stories about Jesus they make me feel happy:)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. It makes me happy!